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iLab Bali is a creative technology solutions design studio, based in Bali, Indonesia. We make intelligent systems for the home or workplace that enhance awareness, efficiency, convenience, and security.

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We build structures that set you free, creating harmony
between you and your environment.

What exactly do we do?

You could say we help people and objects communicate. Whether you are a business wanting a more cost and energy efficient workflow, or a gallery owner wanting interactive kiosks for featured works of art, or an event producer wanting foolproof access and cashless vending systems, or a home owner wanting to enhance the luxury and safety of your villa, you will want a graceful interface with your environment. We build those for you.

Who are our customers?

  • Hotels + Eco Villas
  • Galleries + Museums
  • Nightclubs + Events
  • Production Facilities
  • Eco Communities
  • Retail Stores
  • Home Owners

How is it done?

By sensing and controlling the physical world with microcontrollers. A microcontroller is a computer so tiny it can operate on solar power. By adding components, it can sense its environment and trigger actions based on predefined conditions. This field of expertise is called "Physical Computing". These devices can wireless store or retrieve data. And they can be monitored and controlled via the web.

What kinds of things can we sense?

Sound, light, color, photo / video, movement, barometric pressure, humidity, temperature, wind speed / direction, rain, proximity / range / distance, fingerprints, gasses, pH, heart rate, weight, pressure, flex, tilt, inertia, relative position, GPS position, compass heading, vibration, barcodes, magnetic cards, RFID chips, radiation, voice recognition ... pretty much anything.

What do these things look like?

Here's a microcontroller, actual size ...


This little thing runs the show, receiving and sending data.

The world we have created is a product of our thinking.
It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.

~ Albert Einstein

What are some examples of Business Systems?


Imagine having your orders automatically entered into your production system.


Imagine an inventory system that automatically printed purchase orders for materials before they ran out.


Imagine if every employee had a screen or printout that could tell them exactly what they had to work on next.

customer service

Imagine if customer service had access to production status in realtime.


Imagine a kiosk or interactive installation that was as beautiful as it was informative.

time tracking

Imagine if you could easily track what every employee worked on, every minute of every day, from anywhere in the world.


Imagine if you could actually measure the productivity and profitability of your staff.


Imagine a security system that (a) protects your business from theft and robbery, and (b) lets you oversee your business from anywhere in the world.

Anything you can imagine, can happen.

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You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

~ Mahatma Gandhi

We can implement systems that help you save energy, protect your family, and enjoy the pleasures of life in style.

What are some examples of Home Systems?

home theater

Imagine if a single voice command could dim the house lights, turn on the sound system, lower the projector screen, and stream the movie of your choice.


Imagine receiving a "thank you" SMS from your prize orchids, every time they watered themselves.

wake-up calls

Imagine waking up to the curtains opening, music slowly fading in, lights slowly brightening, kettle already hot.


Imagine how much you would save if lights automatically brightened when you entered a room, and dimmed when you left.

mobile devices

Imagine if you could monitor and control your home from your mobile device.


Imagine if you could see the power consumption of every device in every outlet, in realtime.


Imagine controlling and monitoring who could enter which doors during which hours.


Imagine your house in disco mode, with every light pulsing to the beat.

Anything you can imagine, can happen.

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The Team

Angga Widjono

Angga Widjono has a degree in Electrical Engineering from Bandung Institute of Technology, and a lifelong passion for building things from scraps, wire, chewing gum and a paper clip. His commitment to sustainable development brought him to iLab, where he implements and pioneers eco-friendly solutions for organizations.

Niko Sluzki

Niko Sluzki is a Design Technologist with over 15 years experience with information systems development, user interaction and experience design, network and design technology. His client list for application development includes Apple, Amazon, Citibank, MCI and Mitsubishi. Niko studies the intersection of data, code and design, and discovers innovative ways to improve the flow and play of a user's relationship with task or information. He spends much of his time in Bali, exploring eco applications of physical computing.

Dian Suluman

Dian Suluman was born and raised in Indonesia. She has more than 10 years experience in accounting, administration and account management. Dian is our backbone and metronome, handling all of iLab Bali's accounts.

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